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June 2019 UPDATE:
issue is now available

June 2019 »

Barry Rowe

Barry Rowe is a stalwart of British automotive art. He is not retiring... but merely withdrawing from AFAS because travel across the Atlantic is something he’s giving up....

Robin Bark

Robin Bark is a sculptor and a painter who has had a life long passion for speed and cars knowing all the makes on the road before he could read...

Makoto Ouchi

Creating "transparent panels" or "cutaways" Ouchi gives us a look at the mechanisms of what makes a car function. The engine, gears, chassis and pumps...

March 2019: issue is now available

March 2019 »

RetroMobile: Tony Clark

A full report on the 2019 RetroMobile show by our European correspondent Tony Clark. ...broad commentary on the art and artists participating this year...

RetroMobile: Rob Alen

The 2019 Salon Retromobile is the 44th edition. It is a winter classic car extravaganza and is more than what goes on at the Porte de Versailles exposition hall...

Gary Whinn

Last year we reported that British artist Gary Whinn had retired from the Automotive Fine Arts Society. We present the promised retrospective look at his work...

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