Volume 6 No 1 April 2015


Amelia Island Concours

Report by Wallace Wyss

For the first time in many years, AFAS did not present a group show at the Amelia Island Concours in March. Here's Wyss's report:

Although the The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance named two prewar cars-- a 1930 Cord and a 1932 Alfa Romeo as Best in Show winners on Sunday, March 15, they still are one of the most important concours to honor postwar cars as well.

This year the annual event attracting 32,000 over the course of the weekend.

Digital artist Phil Ward presented his work in the MotoExpo at the 2015 Amelia event.

“The Amelia,” had 315 cars and motorcycles on the lawn Concours Sunday. Why two cars? Two slightly different awards, the 1930 Cord L29 winning the prestigious Concours d’Elegance award and the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 the Concours de Sport accolade.

This year Stutz was the featured marque. But special displays also included a collection of 1940s wood-bodied Chrysler models, the Porsche 914 model in its rarest variations (much to the consternation of 356 and 922 purists who think of the 914 as a VW) and many pre and post-war racecars.

The host of the event, Bill Warner, has a sense of adventure and he had this year what he called “Orphan Concept Class” including cars from marques that have gone belly up, like the 1954 DeSoto Adventurer. Another subtheme was “Cars of the Cowboys” highlighting legendary western themed vehicles from TV and film and a “World Rally Car” class. And while many concours shy away from motdified cars, he had a subtheme called “Hot Rods: East Meets West” with East Coast and West Coast customizers competing with each other.

Because legendary race car driver Sir Stirling Moss was being honored, showgoers were able to see 25 of Sir Stirling Moss’ famous race cars, including the three Mercedes-Benz silver arrows, a car he won with in 1955, marking the first time all three historic vehicles were displayed together.

The auction conducted by RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island, FL scored the highest auction results in Amelia Island Concours history, garnering $60,328,550 in sales