Volume 6 No 1 April 2015


Kikki H.

Kikki H. is an artist living and working in Germany near Dusseldorf. Kikki recently exhibited her work at retromobile in Paris France earlier this year.

She calls her work "Vintage Car Histories". Here's how she describes it:

"Each of my works of art from the series "Vintage-car-histories" tells a story of how the automotive and racing are actually experienced."

"The attraction of world-renowned car brands, the then and now "benchmarks" plays a major role. Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche, Mercedes and many others are

set by the elaborate works of art into the spotlight. The logos of car brands form the cornerstone of any "vintage-car-history".

"The fascination of the works based on the impression former house facade painting to-day - after periods of crumbling, of repairing, mending and overpainting again and again - and through the interplay of color and material mix of old and new, a lot of easy immersive experience in the eyes of the beholder generated as back then!"

If you understand this and want to know more, see Kikki H site here: www.kikki-h.com »

Phil Ward

Digital artist Phil Ward has donated the Stirling Moss themed artwork (below) for the Amelia Benefit auction at Amelia Island 2015.