Volume 7 No 1 April 2016

on automotive magazines. However, after retirement, he renewed this passion for sports and exotic cars and began to experiment with digital art. Ward taught himself computer programs, such as, Photoshop and Black Magic.

“Ward expresses automotive passion through digital artistry.” Tom Strongman Contributing Editor - Kansas City Star

Phil has no formal art training, as such, he often smiles as he explains, “I don’t know what rules I am breaking”. Ward’s self-learned process over the past six years results in creating “painterly effects” not through a more traditional digital painting technique but digital artistry. This artistry applies “filter” effects of watercolor, illustration or impasto for example to the composition and then from that “filter” result he selects essential elements of the new image to place in a “layer”. It is in these blended layers the digital magic can be orchestrated by the artist. Often Ward’s