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Of course in reality that is an ambitious aim for any artist and I would be the first to admit that I rarely succeed to my satisfaction. Hopefully though, the act of trying is enough to create the minimum requirement – a beautiful painting that somebody is moved to buy!

The chance to look back over my artistic career has been an interesting exercise in reflecting on the twists and turns of fate that brought me to this time and place in my life. Initially, the overwhelming temptation was to do what we all tend to do – write out a list of achievements, proudly declare I was published here and I was published there, recount the awards won, the posters commissioned and all the places I've exhibited. As my wife Lorraine would jokingly point out it's that familiar tale that starts "I was born at an early age…."

I guess it's that crutch that we all lean on to support our belief in our own endeavours, whether they are artistic or in any other walk of life. However, if I were you, reading this, I probably wouldn't be too interested in wading through a chronological résumé compared to learning a bit more about that painting that caught your eye. What really matters is the art. Suffice to say my work so far has brought me into the ranks of the AFAS and I guess that recognition from my contemporaries in the world of automotive art is a good enough abbreviation of my artistic achievements to date. I work hard to live up to their high standards and I'm proud to be counted amongst their number.

Personally, when I read about another artist I tend to skip over the exhibition listings and professional achievements. I'm already hooked. The fact that I've picked up the book or magazine is proof that I'm already impressed by what really matters – I like the art and I want to know what motivates the artist to create those images.

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