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Volume 1, Number 1 Premiere Edition, August 2010
  IN THIS ISSUE   WELCOME to the premier issue of the new ...the online automotive themed art magazine.
In this issue, we present our first issue conceived and executed completely digitally...  
"The chance to look back over my artistic career has been an interesting exercise in reflecting on the twists and turns of fate that brought me to this time and place in my life. Initially, the overwhelming temptation was to do what we all tend to do – write out a list of achievements..."
...continue with Whinn Profile here

"In review, it seems that I can break down my professional, artistic career into quarters roughly defined by the decades... prior to 1980 I would characterize as a period of education and development of a personal style and interest while the decade of the eighties was one of maturation. Of course an immensely important milestone in that period, was my opportunity to become a charter member of the AFAS in 1985. I recall things began to move swiftly in the years that immediately followed the formation of the Society..."
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"Uncorked" Tom Fritz

"Extremely Effervescent" Richard Pietruska

"Bugatti Sitting Pretty" Dennis Brown
The 25th Annual AFAS Premiere Art Show at Pebble Beach
2010 is the 25th consecutive showing by the members of the Automotive Fine Arts Society on the famed grounds of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The show features the latest works by member painters and sculptors from around the world. Poster for the 2010 Concours is by Harold Cleworth.

Review highlights of the 2010 show here

Visit with AFAS artists that premiered their new work at the 25th Annual AFAS Premiere Art Show.

Not all members could make the 25th anniversary exhibition at Pebble Beach. We look at their latest.

Elected to membership in 2009, we feature the work of the Society's newest member Britain's Gary Whinn.

It has been twenty years since our last feature of Colorado sculptor Larry Braun's work... here's a fresh look.

A new "irregular" feature by long time AFAS member Dennis Hoyt on the future of automotive themed sculpture.

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Jack Juratovic
Dennis Hoyt
Gary Whinn
Larry Braun
Ken Eberts
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