Volume 2, Number 2 August 2011
Revisit with Member Artist
Jay Koka

So what's next?

Earlier this year, Koka told me that he was ready for another change. He said that on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the launch of his studio, he wanted to do two things: first, change and broaden his color palette and second, embrace and expand upon his more "impressionist" painting style... a style he confesses he prefers to realism. In the 2011 painting "On The Corniche" (previous page), this objective is fully realized... as with "Non'Entrare" (previous page) and "Sunday Drive" (title page) all premiering at the AFAS show at Pebble Beach. He also confided that he was somewhat concerned about how it will go because his experience with his own work is that more "realist" work tends to sell better. But this is the measure of the artist... he paints to satisfy himself... and hopes his audience will enjoy and understand what he's done.

Perhaps in 2041 we'll catch up and see how things went.

Visit www.jaykokastudio.com

"Sunday Drive" 36x18", (Title Page)
"Clean Up", 24x18, acrylic on canvas
"Elegant" 24x18", acrylic on canvas
"Girl Meets Alfa" 24x18", acrylic on canvas
"High Rollers" 48x36", acrylic on canvas
"The Drift No2" 48x18", acrylic on canvas
"Push", 60x30", acrylic on canvas
"Hey, nice car!" 44x60", acrylic on canvas
"On The Corniche" 36x28", acrylic on canvas
"Non Entrare" 28x36", acrylic on canvas

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