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New functionality...
by now you've noticed our new design and layout. This major change has been driven primarly by a need to accomodate the touchscreen navigation employed by all tablets... and if advertising is any indication, tablets are the next "big thing" with every manufacturer producing their own version. Remember Cabbage Patch Dolls? This will be a "tablet" Christmas.

While we all enjoy the visual appeal and tactile feel of a printed book or magazine, there's no denying the fact that the electronic versions of these media present some very interesting twists and opportunities. Witness the fact that our featured artist story on Dennis Hoyt is absent... a victim of a crushing schedule... but unlike a printed publication that becomes frozen in time the moment it leaves the press, we will ADD the story as soon as it is available... promised by our contributor to happen shortly.

So, unlike a printed magazine, we ask you to check back occassionally because our content does change.

The AFAS art exhibition at Pebble Beach is the society's annual big show. We present a brief preview and will follow up with a show report in the next issue.

Stanley Wanlass is the subject our our first AFAS Emeritus Member story. Wanlass was one of the earliest members of the society and was and continues to be a significant presence in the automotive art world.

The 20 year revisit for this issue is your humble publisher.

Known for many years for its previous location at Meadow Brook Hall, the St John's Concours at The Inn at St John now has one show under its belt... and what a show it was. Read our review.

Thank you for your continued interest in the magazine. Don't forget to sign up for convenient automatic new issue notification by email ... signup is available at the bottom of Page 101...

August, 2011
Jay Koka