Volume 4, Number 2 August 2013  

AFAS marks this the 28th year at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance returning once again with the sponsorship of the Lincoln Motor Company. The celebration of the Lincoln is highlighted by the inclusion of Lincoln Custom Coachwork as a featured special class on the concours filed. The Pebble Beach Concours is the biggest single event of the collector car weekend on the Monterey Peninsula. Each of the 200 cars on display is world class.

View the Pebble Beach show preview:  here

On June 1st of this year another important Lincoln moment occurred. At Hickory Corners Michigan the ground-breaking ceremony for the Lincoln Car Heritage Museum. It will be built on the grounds of the Gilmore Car Museum campus midway between Chicago and Detroit on 90 sylvan acres. The building and outdoor patios will be dedicated to highlighting the heritage of the American auto industry. Lincoln styling and advertising will be presented and plans are being considered for a Lincoln Art Gallery with potential AFAS participation. Watch this space for future updates.

STOLEN ART: L-R: Johnny Parsons, Al Unser Sr, Roger Ward, Helio Castroneves, Sam Hanks

Featured in AFAS #32 in 2006 was a story by Les Jarvis: "SIGN HERE PLEASE!". Jarvis told of AFAS artist Dave Lord and his unique collection of motorsport personality autographs which Dave had amassed in his career as a sports artist. What made this 700-plus collection special was that Dave had created an individual painting on each 6.5 x 10.5" watercolor block.

Other than the AFAS story, the general public had never seen the collection. Appropriately during the Indy500 festivities arrangements were made to show a large portion of the collection. Sadly the display was a victim of a smash and run theft of five key paintings. offers anyone with knowledge of this theft an avenue for the confidential return of this art here: (or contact Juratovic at 231-629-8353)

At one time, George Bartell was an AFAS member...just about long enough to get a write up in issue #21. Well, he, being George, had too much going on and in a friendly manner withdrew his membership. I invite readers with access to #21 to treat yourselves to an interesting read. #22 is also worth the time. What comes through these stories is a most remarkable man. George is revealed as a most interesting guy who loved what he did and enjoyed the bigger than life friends and personalities that he worked and played his life with. He truly was a one of a kind.

George Bartell 2013 RIP

Jack Juratovic

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