Volume 4, Number 1 March 2013  

Asked to articulate my career over the past twenty years just skims the surface of a career that began 58 years ago. I immigrated to Canada with my wife and 60 dollars in my pocket in search of the North American Dream, which later became a reality. I sit by my easel today as an eighty year old man who truly believes that I have never worked a day in my life. I consider myself one of those lucky ones who was able to make his passion his profession. Combining my love for art with my love for the automobile. I followed my dream, and through sweat and knocking on doors I obtained it.

My career over the past twenty years has been quite the journey. If my life was sectioned off by chapters the title of this one would read “From Ink to Oil”. It all began in the early 90s when I was commissioned to do the cover of the book, Indy Review. Once the dialogue began between myself and Fred Jungclause, the former Art Director of Indianapolis Speedway, I was told that my art was also going to be exhibited in their museum. After examination of the space I instantly realized that pen & ink., the medium which had formed my I.D, would not suffice the grand space. After informing Jungclause of this issue he asked “how about oil?”. I quickly replied honestly acknowledging the fact that I had never painted in that medium. He eloquently stated “The Speed Way would be delighted to have the first Ken Dallison Oil”. How could I refuse?