Volume 4, Number 1 March 2013  

The difference between painting and sculpture is that in a painting the artist is trying to represent a three dimensional object in two dimensions. A sculpture on the other hand is actually the artist’sfantasy created in such a way that the viewer can actually feel and experience the full form of their concept.

Being able to walk around the artwork makes it a more unique experience allowing the viewer to physically examine the full concept. To touch, to get a feel of the scale, to experience the different materials and to have the artwork actually invade your personal space makes the appreciation of the sculpture different than a painting.

I see the automobile as another form of sculpture. Automotive form is what intrigues me the most. Where did these forms come from and how did they evolve? The most exciting thing for me is how it all seems to relate to the human anatomy mainly the sensual, flowing lines of the female form. For example look at such classics as the Talbot Lago Teardrop Coupe, Delahaye Type 165, Ferrari TestaRossa or GTO or even some newer cars like the Ferrari 458 or even the Fisker or Tesla. In each case it’s all about dynamic form and exotic proportions.