Volume 5, Number 1 March 2014

There's a new logo on our masthead... has been registered by Knightbridge to provide a new address by which to reach this magazine. We were looking for a domain name that more clearly defined and encapsulated what our publication is about... its arts contents. This is important for many reasons, not the least of which is its effectiveness with search engines. So while is a new way to get here, the domain address will of course, continue to be valid.

Phyllis Krim an original and emeritus member of AFAS passed away on February 16, 2014. I had recently contacted Phyllis to talk about a story of her activities over the past decade: sadly, a story that now won't be written. A talented artist and a terrific lady, I recall my last conversation with her

at Pebble Beach many years ago. We were always kidding around and during a lull in the traffic, Phyllis asked me "Koka, why do you have twice as many paintings as I do?" I replied "because mine are only half as good as yours!". Rest in peace Phyllis.

19th annual AFAS show at Amelia...
The Society returns to the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance to present the work of its members, associates and guest artists. More on the exhibition here:>Amelia 2014

Tony Clark
We are delighted to welcome back our European correspondent Tony Clark. An erudite commentator on all that is automotive art, Tony presents his impressions in a feature story on RETROMOBILE, France's major annual car-fest. Take a look here: >Retromobile 2104

Yahn Janou
French artist Yahn Janou is well known to attendees at the annual Cavallino Ferrari Classic in Palm Beach Florida USA. It's where I met him a decade ago and have enjoyed viewing his unique style over the years. Our columnist Dennis Hoyt reviews Janou's work in this edition here: >Janou

Speaking about Associates...
You'll recall our coverage of a new "category" of member for the AFAS brought about by its need to expand participation in the Society but under controlled circumstances. The Society announced its first "Associate" in 2012. The subsequent election of Klaus Wagger to full membership at the 2013 August annual general meeting brought the process to its first full cycle. It was also announced that David Chapple and Sue Steele Thomas were elected to the new Associate position at the same meeting. We will present profiles on both artists in the August 2014 issue

We enter our fifth year of publication with this issue and it is interesting and informative to review our earlier issues to see how far we've come. I've become immensely proud of our magazine, not only its contents, but how over time it has morphed into an attractive and user friendly publication.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.

The >Contents Page has links to our archived issues. Take a look. Our guiding design principle from the start has been: "It's about the art, not the container."

  Jay Koka, Publisher