Volume 5, Number 1 March 2014

In 2012, coming around the corner between the Lodge buildings at eight o'clock on a typically misty Pebble Beach morning, the new Automotive Fine Arts Society exhibit tent was quite a sight. After 27 years in what was essentially a "circus" tent, the Society enjoyed a whole new level of luxury with an exo-skelton tent and an honest-to-godness real floor which translated into level displays with level paintings. Add excellent lighting and decoration and the scene was set. Members and guests alike couldn't say enough about the quality of the new presentation...Lincoln, the Society's sponsor for the event had outdone themselves.

AFAS Premier Exhibition comes of age at the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance...

Fast forward one year and the AFAS facility for the 2013 event was well, in a word, a knockout, exceeding all expectations . The 65x100' tent had grown a full-width raised patio facing the awards area backed by a glass wall...yes, glass panels for entire side of the tent... plus one third of the side with the main entrance was also glass... with real doors!

Looking very much like a quality art gallery setting, the largest, most important automotive art exhibition in North America had come of age.

"I especially enjoy the elegance that Lincoln has provided with our display facility." said member Tom Hale, " We now have the appearance and credibility that our artwork deserves. The visitors, without exception, enjoy the AFAS/Lincoln display more than ever."