Volume 5, Number 2 September 2014

New Zealand artist Kieran Roberts

Born in Invercarcargill, the deep south of New Zealand. Kieran Roberts grew up surrounded by motorsport, the family home just a couple of minutes' drive to Teretonga - the local race circuit, with speedway, Go - Kart and motorcross tracks all within a stones' throw.

Some gifted un-needed art supplies around 2006 igniting Roberts' creative flame.

The first few works created in this period were all abstract, experimenting with different shapes and colours. One of them "Losing time" was put it display in a Christchurch New Zealand art gallery, where it was quickly sold, thus fuelling the artist's passion. After that success, he decided to be selfish and reward myself by getting back into motorsport art. "Master McLaren" shown to a few people drew encouraging response. Since then the majority of work has been motorsport based.


Phil Ward at the 2014 Art of the Car Concours

At the 8th annual Art of the Car Concours, digital artist Phil Ward exhibited six of his compositions ranging from Le Mans 1963 and Sebring 12 Hours 1970 to a 1953 Ferrari that participated in Mille Miglia 2006.

Ward creates automotive artwork that starts with photographs and finishes with compositions that approximate paintings. This Kansas (USA) resident grew up in the 1950s with a passion for German and Italian sports cars. Phil embarked on his art journey in 2007 when he began applying virtual brushes, textures, filters and photo-painting techniques with a "digital toolbox" to create his compositions.

This year's Art of the Car Concours, included more than 200 vintage and classic cars, hot rods and others from across the country. It’s a show that raises money for student scholarships at the Kansas City Art Institute.