TERM: Advertising rates are for SIX MONTHS no matter how many issues are produced within that 6 MONTH PERIOD.

EXTERNAL LINKS: All ads can be LINKED to an outside website OR to send an email at no extra cost.

POSITION: Ads will retain the same page positions as contracted.

STATIC ADS: are available in all ad positions.

FLASH ADS: are available in all ad positions. Please provide a static version of the ad as some operating systems (like iPads) will not play flash

EXPANDING and PUSH DOWN ADS: are not available in current magazine design

All ads: Please provide ads ready to drop in place as a .jpeg file at 120px resolution. Ad creative is available, please contact us for a quote.

Send ad files as attachments only by email to web@nitebridge.com


Payment can be made by Check, Money Order (payable to Headlight Productions Inc) or charged to a credit card: VISA, MasterCard or AMERICAN EXPRESS. All ad costs are in US Dollars. We have an online payment facility for credit card payments. The link will be provided with your invoice.

autoArtReview.com - afasJournal.com
Headlight Productions Incorporated
Box 395, Waterloo, ON N2J 4A9, Canada

Please note: we reserve the right to reject advertising for any reason entirely at our discretion.

ADVERTISING WITH US (ratecard for 2017-18)

Please contact us to reserve your space and discuss your campaign. We will create an advertising package tailored to your needs and budget. Contact us at: web@nitebridge.com

RATECARD FOR 2017-2018 ISSUES: we offer a 10% frequency discount
Type of Ad   Standard Rectangle
    720x500px at full resolution. Viewed ad size is determined by user's screen size
    static - yes
flash - yes
expanding - no
1280x580px, (space is generally limited to 5 pages per issue)
(Issue Contents Page)
N/A US$350
(includes a minimum of 1 additional insertion inside magazine)
N/A US$200
(with a minimum of 2 insertions in the issue)