David Chapple

David Chapple

David Chapple
243 Squaw Creek Road
Marshall, Michigan, 49068 USA

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Being true to my style and defining himself as a progressive artist, I am constantly refining my craft.

When exhibiting my body of work, I set a high standard for myself. Wanting the viewer to always have the ultimate experience, my ambition is to display art with great continuity and fresh concepts.

Graduating from Hope College in 1991, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Over the past 20+ years my art has graced the covers of many high profile magazines. Receiving numerous concours and fine art awards across the country, I have paintings and sculptures in many corporate, private and museum collections.

Being included as an exhibitor at many concours d’elegance and fine art events nationally has given me awareness of the importance for society to acknowledge automotive fine art as an integral part of art’s culture. In 2014, it was a great honor and achievement for me to be inducted into the Automotive Fine Arts Society as a full member.